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Daniël Janson

Welcome to my portfolio website. This website contains an overview of the work created by me. The work is categorised into product design, graphic design and drawings. You can find the work that I have created during the past few years at the study Industrial Design and in my free time. It will show the progress I have made in the past few years. Feel free to leave a comment by sending me a mail.
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Student Association

After three years of college, I decided that it was time for something else. At the beginning of my study, I joined the student association A.S.V. Taste. A.S.V. Taste is linked with the University of Twente, has about 430 members and is one of the biggest student associations in Enschede. In the past few years I broadened my experience by doing several committees at the student association. This sparked my interest for the student association, which resulted into a year on the board, were I became the chairman of A.S.V. Taste
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Africa & Asia

Traveling around the world

In the third year of college, you have to do a minor. This means you have the possibility to explore other study directions. I took the outstanding opportunity to go a brought. I went on a study tour with 25 other students to South-Korea and China. Here we visited 24 different companies within 3 weeks and went traveling for another 5 weeks. During this trip I created interest into exploring other cultures. Last summer I went to Africa for my holiday and I’m going to America for my bachelor thesis. I hope I’m able to become more acquainted with other cultures in the upcoming years.